New Wine-Like Cannabis Drink

The recent news is of a cannabis-infused, hangover-free wine.

Someone should say it. It’s not really wine if it doesn’t have alcohol. Isn’t it just grape juice with cannabis?

Of course, it’s hangover-free—as long as we are defining “hangover” as something one gets upon drinking a certain amount of alcohol. I guess you could also say it is typhoid-free as well a cereal-free.

In any case, this is the beginning of a long string of cannabis-infused products set to be marketed in cannabis-legal states. Surely there will be more wine-related products which, according to researchers and scientists, increase the speed and efficiency by which THC hits the user thanks to the way wine and THC interact together.

The winery producing this new product, Rebel Coast Winery, says they are the first to make what they say is a “no-alcohol Sauvignon Blanc-flavored drink” that includes cannabis and smells like weed and taste just like wine. It is further described as having “a very herbaceous nose. It smells of cannabis, lemongrass, lavender, and citrus.”

It’s unlikely straight wine producers will feel much competition for straight wine drinkers from this product. However, it likely that products like this and others will, in fact, impact overall sales of wine. We are learning that cannabis, when legal, is, in fact, a challenge to and substitute for alcohol—including wine.

News Reporter